Revisional Eyelid Surgery

Revision eyelid surgery is performed to correct of improve the results of prior surgery.
While all surgeons operate with the intent of a successful outcome, sometimes surgery does not turn out as planned. Undesired results and complications are potential outcomes of any surgical procedure. Revision eyelid surgery is sometimes necessary to improve the cosmetic appearance, eyelid function, or the health of the eye. Dr. Vidor commonly performs revision eyelid surgery. He often takes on difficult cases, including patients with multiple prior surgeries or situations in which the health of the eye has been compromised. As an ASOPRS accredited oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Vidor has the expertise to treat the aesthetic appearance of the eyelids while optimizing the function and health of the eye.

Commonly asked questions about revision eyelid surgery

What causes eyelid surgery complications and why do they happen?

There are many factors that can lead to eyelid surgery complications. Post operative, bleeding, infection, and excessive inflammation are some of the more common risk factors for surgical complications. Some patients may heal poorly or scar easily. Other patients may have underlying medical conditions that put them at a higher risk of complications. Occasionally complications happen during surgery and very rarely surgical missteps can occur. Many times, however, poor surgical outcomes happen because the human healing response is not always 100% predictable or perfect. In fact, many times we do not know why one patient will have complications while nearly all other patients have outstanding results.

I have had previous eyelid surgery and do not like the way they look now. Am I a candidate for revision eyelid surgery?

There are many factors that determine if revision eyelid surgery is appropriate and they are taken into account on an individual basis. Sometimes revision eyelid surgery is appropriate, while other patients may benefit from minimally invasive, laser, or medical treatment. During your consultation, Dr. Vidor will discuss all of your options and help come up with a treatment plan specific for you.

I have had previous eyelid surgery and have had problems with my eyes since. Do I need revision eyelid surgery?

Possibly. The eyelids play a vital role in protecting and maintaining the health of the eye. Eyelid surgery can sometimes interfere with their protective role. If the health of the eye is compromised due to previous eyelid surgery, then there are a variety of treatment options available. Treatment is unique for each patient, and may include eye drops, medications, minimally invasive treatments, as well as revision eyelid surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Vidor will help to develop a treatment plan that is customized for you.

Is there anything I can do to help prevent complications from eyelid surgery?

There are many things you can do to reduce the risk of surgical complications. First and foremost, your overall health is vital to a good surgical outcome. Just as with any other surgery, healthy patients tend to have fewer complications with eyelid surgery than do less healthy patients. To reduce the risk of bleeding, anticoagulant medication is typically discontinued prior to surgery, as long as it is okay with your primary care doctor or cardiologist. Many over the counter medicines and supplements have anticoagulant properties and should not be taken before or after surgery. Following your pre and post operative instructions are also vital to a good surgical result, including resting after surgery, icing appropriately, avoiding strenuous activity, not contaminating the surgical site, and taking or avoiding medications as directed. Dr. Vidor and his staff will discuss your surgical treatment plan with you to help ensure an optimal surgical result.

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