Dr. Vidor performs both premium cosmetic and reconstructive oculoplastic procedures including upper & lower eyelid, tear duct, and orbital surgery. He also performs in office minor procedures such as stye, chalazion, and eyelid lesion removal, as well as Botox injections for cosmetic or functional purposes. In addition, Dr. Vidor performs cosmetic filler injections and laser resurfacing.

Dr. Vidor commonly takes on difficult cases. He frequently performs revision eyelid surgery after prior complicated cases and cases with non-ideal outcomes.

As a fellowship trained member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a board certified fellow of the American Board and American Academy of Ophthalmology, and member of the American Society of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Vidor is a true sub-specialist expert in surgery and diseases of the eyelids and their surrounding structures.

Dr. Vidor is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your potential surgery. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation please contact us or call 949.999.8717.