How to Correct Under Eye Bags and Hollow Lower Eyelids

The Liquid Eyelid Lift Under eye bags and hollowing (sometimes called a tear trough deformity) are common problems. They are usually due to aging but can sometimes be seen in younger patients. Oculoplastic surgeons are frequently consulted for evaluation and treatment of under eye bags and hollowing. Why do people…Continue Reading »

Looking to Cure Droopy Eyelids? Ptosis Repair Could Help

Patients with droopy or tired upper eyelids commonly seek consultation by an oculoplastic surgeon. The eyelid has a complex anatomy and a “droopy” eyelid can actually be due to several different problems with several different treatments. The two most common causes of a droopy lid are excess skin/ tissue (dermatochalasis)…Continue Reading »

Does Insurance Cover Blepharoplasty or other Eyelid Surgery?

One of the most commons questions my patients ask is, “does insurance cover blepharoplasty?” or “will my insurance cover eyelid surgery?” This a great question. Most insurance companies have specific guidelines regarding criteria for covering eyelid surgery. I will try to focus this article on insurance criteria required to cover…Continue Reading »

Dr. Ira Vidor now in Newport Beach

Thank you everyone for following our practice! We are excited about the Newport Beach office and look forward to being a part of the Rox Surgery team. We will continue to provide the highest level of personalized oculoplastic care for our patients, and the most professional and convenient service for…Continue Reading »