Dr. Ira Vidor now in Newport Beach

Thank you everyone for following our practice! We are excited about the Newport Beach office and look forward to being a part of the Rox Surgery team. We will continue to provide the highest level of personalized oculoplastic care for our patients, and the most professional and convenient service for our referring providers.

We hope this platform can serve as an informative source about oculoplastic surgery, eyelid surgery, cosmetic surgery, non-invasive rejuvenation, health and wellness resources, and much more. We also hope that you will find this to be insightful, educational, and also a little fun! Please let us know if there are any topics of interest, inquiries about surgery or our services, or just general questions about oculoplastic surgery and eyelid surgery. It would be great if this could be an interactive process.

Thanks again. There’s more to come soon!